Microsoft is redesigning Windows 11’s photos app again

Microsoft is always tinkering with the design of its Windows operating system, and the next big change could be coming to the Photos app. According to a new report, Microsoft is planning to give the app a complete makeover, making it simpler and more user-friendly.

What’s wrong with the current photos app?

There are several problems with the current photos app in Windows. First of all, it is difficult to find the photos you want. The app does not have a search function, so you have to scroll through all of your photos manually to find the one you’re looking for. This can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of photos.

Another problem with the app is that it is not very user-friendly. The interface is confusing and hard to navigate. For example, it is not easy to create albums or organize your photos in any way. This makes it difficult to keep your photos organized and makes it more likely that you will lose track of them.

Finally, the app does not have many editing features. You can only do basic things like crop or rotate your photos. If you want to do anything more than that, you have to use another app.

These problems make the current photos app in Windows very frustrating to use. Microsoft is redesigning the app to try to address these issues.

What is Microsoft doing to fix it?

Microsoft is redesigning the photos app in Windows again. This time, they are hoping to fix some of the common complaints about the app.

Some of the changes that Microsoft is making include simplifying the interface, making it easier to find and view your photos, and adding new editing features. They are also adding a new “stories” feature that will let you create a photo album with your photos and share it with others.

Microsoft is also working on making the app more stable and reliable. They are hoping to fix some of the bugs that have been causing the app to crash or freeze.

Overall, Microsoft is hoping to make the photos app in Windows more user-friendly and efficient. They are adding new features and fixing existing problems in order to make the app better for users.

The new features of the redesigned app

The new features of the redesigned photos app include a new layout, new photo editing features, and a new search function. The layout of the app has been simplified to make it easier to find and view photos. The new photo editing features include the ability to crop and rotate photos, as well as add filters. The new search function allows users to search for photos by date, location, or album.

Microsoft has also added some new sharing features to the app. Now, users can share photos directly from the app to social media or via email. They can also create photo albums that can be shared with others.

Overall, the redesign of the photos app makes it easier to use and more powerful. With its new features, it is sure to be a hit with users.

When will the new app be released?

Microsoft is redesigning Windows’ photos app again and the new app is expected to be released later this year. The new app will have a fresh look and feel and will offer some new features, such as the ability to create photo albums. Microsoft is also working on making the app more reliable and easy to use.

The new photos app will be a welcome addition for Windows users. The current photos app is often criticized for being slow and unreliable. Hopefully, the new app will address these issues and provide a better experience for users.

How to get the new app

1. The new app is available now for Windows 10 users. To get the new app, simply go to the Microsoft Store and search for “Photos”.

2. The new app has a fresh design that makes it easier to find and view your photos. It also includes new features such as the ability to edit and share photos directly from the app.

3. To learn more about the new app, including how to use all of its features, check out the Microsoft website.

4. If you have any questions or feedback about the new app, you can contact Microsoft directly through the Feedback Hub app.


Microsoft is no stranger to redesigning its popular apps, and the Photos app is no different. The company has just announced a new design for Windows 11’s photos app, which includes a number of new features and improvements. While some users may be hesitant to try out the new design, we think it’s definitely worth checking out. Microsoft has made some great changes that make the app more user-friendly and useful, so if you use the Photos app on Windows 11, be sure to give the new design a try.

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